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We track sales commissions abuse
and orders, forms/leads generated by bots

We have been trusted by small and large stores

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  • Kastelnik
  • Cosmo Group
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Lead Scanner Protection

paper_with_magnifying_glass Lead Scanner - what we protect from


Leads or orders generated on behalf of the user

A significant problem of the affiliate market is so-called 'multiplication' of leads and sending data of the same client to many companies and institutions.


Leads or orders generated by bots

Leads or orders generated by bots as a result of 'injecting' user data into contact forms or orders.


Leads generated from cold databases

Leads originating from old client databases - not necessarily interested in given service or product anymore.


Cookie stuffing and CPS frauds

Sale commission extortion in sale based models (CPS), paid based on the presence of cookies which users have been "injected" with.

What you gain:

We save your advertising budget

You do not pay for artificially generated leads by bots or the so-called data multiplication - that is, sending data of the same user to many institutions. We protect your promotional campaigns from being bought by bots.

Lower costs for Your call centre

Only valuable contact forms that are worth calling and handling will be sent to Your call-center. Thanks to this, You don't waste time and money on handling worthless leads + You serve good leads faster.

Higher sales conversion

We optimize conversions by eliminating worthless leads from the sales process and shortening the time of first contact to sales-valuable leads.

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  • trafficwatchdog dashboard screencapture

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