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Click Scanner Protection

paper_with_magnifying_glass Click Scanner - what we protect from


Clicks generated by bots

Approximately 40% of Internet traffic is generated by bots and crawlers - virtual machines simulating user behavior and clicking on your ads.



It is known that approximately 7 out of 10 companies click on their competitors' paid ads to burn their advertising budget.


Click farms

Nowadays the Web is full of artificial traffic generated by so called "click farms" spread all over the world, generating fake clicks.


Ad clickers

A big portion of paid traffic comes from "clickers". They repeatedly click on your ads, but will never make a purchase.

What you gain:

We save your advertising budget

You don't pay for artificially generated clicks or worthless clicks of your ads, including in price comparison websites, programming, affiliations, mailings and all other paid traffic sources that we monitor for you.

We automatically block your Google Ads + Facebook ads from being clicked

Real-time automatic blocking of Google Ads and Facebook in case of a worthless repeated clicking of Your ads by the same users or competitors.

We track fraud publishers receiving commission for sales

The model of settlement with publishers for sales (CPS) motivates some publishers to use practices such as 'cookie stuffing'. We identify such actions of publishers for You, thanks to which You don't lose the commission paid for dishonestly generated sales.

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  • trafficwatchdog dashboard screencapture
  • trafficwatchdog dashboard screencapture

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