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The reality of click fraud

Scale of the problem


3 out of 4 campaigns in PPC model (Pay Per Click) contain artificially generated clicks.

Fake clicks


Some competitive industries, trades, sectors and clients experience even up to 90% fraudulently generated clicks.

Fake leads


The majority of leads generated in the most popular trades and campaigns are of spurious origins.

The scale of the problem in traffic sources

Search engines

Comparison websites

Affiliate marketing

*Cumulated statistical average of all accounts for a 90 day period on the platform.

Most common ad frauds

Non-converting users


Users repeatedly clicking on your ads but never making a purchase, bringing no measurable sales effect.



40% of Internet traffic originates from automatic bots. Those bots click on your ads, only ramping up your costs.

Dissatisfied customers


Users who click on your paid ads with malicious intent because of negative past experiences with either you personally or your company.

Click farms


Botnets and click farms can exhaust an entire AdWord budget in mere minutes using malicious proxy servers and VPNs.

Unfair competition


7 out of 10 companies interfere with competitors' ads, some even employ hackers in order to artificially inflate their ad costs.



Unfair publishers and hackers make profit by generating fake traffic and clicks on your ads.

Traffic Watchdog offers you protection from these threats

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What we protect you from





A team of experts working for your marketing savings

Our team consisting of experienced experts utilizes the most advanced ad fraud detection technologies, which allows us to protect both your business and marketing budget.


You lose money having no control over who or what clicks on your ads

Having no protection makes you pay for every click from any IP address, device and source - whether the click is natural or artificially generated.

Automatic blocking of suspicious IP addresses in Google AdWords

We incorporated a fully automatic IP address blocking system that is able to detect when a click fraud occurs and effectively block the offenders IP address, so that your ads will no longer appear for them in Google.


You are an easy target for Internet fraud

With no advanced, intelligent ad fraud 24/7 monitoring systems, designed to detect and identify all sorts of click and lead fraud, you are exposed to attacks.

24/7 protection

Our protection works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our automated systems are able to detect and prevent click fraud with unmatched precision - saving up to 30% of AdWord expenses.


You have no insight about your paid clicks

With no proper monitoring system you're left with practically no information about the traffic you pay for - you only know how much a click cost and how much you owe for those clicks - the rest is left for you to guess.

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Prevent Ad Fraud with Traffic Watchdog today


  • Albert Czajkowski Consulting

    We use TrafficWatchDog to monitor traffic from PPC campaigns operated by our agency. The tool is extremely useful in industries vulnerable to being picked on by unfair competition. It allows us to periodically recover funds from Google for invalid clicks. Often the costs of the tool are covered with a surplus from Google returns. What's more, with the right configuration, it can significantly reduce the number of invalid clicks and "cut off" your competitors from your ads. I recommend it to anyone who fights unfair competition!

  • Paweł Bostonsofa

    Even as an entrepreneur with an Adwords budget at the level of several thousand zlotys, only when using Traffic Watchdog I saw that it is worth using this service. Even one malicious competition clicking on my ads several times a day is able to cause monthly costs of hundreds of zlotys. Thanks to the Traffic Watchdog service, I no longer worry about competition and "clickers".

  • Paweł Lime Promotions

    We have been running our advertising campaigns in the Pay Per Click system for several years. For some time, the clicks on our ads have become increasingly noticeable in our advertising budget - unfortunately, the analysis of campaign statistics showed that a large part of the funds was depleted by clicks made in a way that is impossible for a normal user seeking our services on the web. All the available defense methods against these processes tested by us proved to be ineffective.

    We have been using the TrafficWatchdog application for several months. Quick implementation and detection of the source of ad clicks along with the data allowing for identification and thus blocking of them, allowed our campaigns to function normally. The whole process is fully automatic and does not use our time to deal with this problem - it has been fully eliminated. Any new sources of clicks are immediately diagnosed and stopped.

    In addition, very fast and professional service, which gives all explanations expressly and comes out with the initiative of solutions that help improve our operations. TrafficWatchdog is a safeguard of our strategic process, which is the effective use of funds for advertising needs.

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