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into additional transactions

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Why it's worth to implement Sales Bot AI

  • 40%

    of users click on your ads and enter your store solely to compare prices with competitors.

  • 30%

    of users require personalized promotions when visiting your store.

  • 40%

    of users abandon shopping because they want to get a better price offer and therefore flee to the competition.

Check how our Sales Bot AI works

How Sales Bot AI works


Virtual user print

Sales Bot identifies, using a virtual fingerprint, the same hesitant user, who clicks your ads, enters the store, but does not buy.


User price profiling

In the event of detecting another visit from the same user (e.g. 3rd visit), the user is price profiled and Sales Bot is activated.


Automatic sales chat

Sales Bot conducts a short sales conversation with the user, offering them an individual discount code tailored to his price profile.


Conversion into sale

When placing an order, the user uses a discount code generated by Sales Bot and makes a purchase in your store - not from the competition.


Additional suggested products

Sales bot, after buying a product, will suggest and offer the user additional products matching their profile. Demo .

What you gain

  • More sales

    Undecided customers buy from you, not your competitors.

  • Greater conversion

    Increase the sales conversion rate in your store.

  • Margin optimalization

    Sales Bot is activated only for undecided users.

Competitor solutions

Rebate pop ups

They are annoying because they are displayed to every user with the same discount, which means you lose margins. They cannot match the amount of the discount to the user's price profile.

Exit pop ups

They show up too late, just before the user leaves the store and is lost. They cannot match the amount of the discount to the user's price profile.


Users do not want to use newsletters because they want to get a discount right there and now while shopping. That is why they do not want to give out their e-mail and receive future offers in their inbox.

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