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Google Ads & Facebook protection

Automatic blocking of fake clicks originating from bots and competitors

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Bots are responsible for a significant amount of Internet traffic. Some of them are made specifically to perform PPC ad fraud.


Your competitors

Your links and ads can be abused by your competitors, which results in them effectively depleting your ad budget and preventing your ads from being seen.


Click farms

Click farms are dedicated large scale operations specializing in click abusing ads, often hired against you by your competitors.

lookie loos

"Looky Loos" - click spammers

Users that notoriously click on your ads with no intention to ever use your services.

How it works

  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence

    Our system is made up of advanced solutions utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are implemented on your website in order to protect it effectively.

  • Fingerprint

    Virtual fingerprint

    We collect several hundred click parameters and create a so-called virtual fingerprint that accurately identifies the device from which the click was generated.

  • Earth globe


    We thoroughly examine the origin of the click in terms of country, IP address, Internet service provider, network operator, "black" list verification and suspicious IP address providers.

  • Google Ads logo

    Google Ads and Facebook integration

    In the case of your Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram adverts being click spammed by bots or competitors, we automatically connect to your Google Ads or Facebook account and hide the advertising links from the culprits to prevent further malicious actions.

What you gain:

24/7 click ad fraud monitoring

Your Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram adverts are constantly monitored in order to detect artificial and fraud clicks (IP black-lists, proxy servers, etc.)

Automatic ad fraud click protection

We automatically hide your Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram adverts from fraudsters, preventing them from depleting your budget.

Google Ads refund agent

Our automatic Google Refund Agent generates complaint reports that are a basis for a refund for your Google Ads account.

Customizable protection rules

The protection rules of your Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram campaigns are selected individually to match your business and page specifications.

Detailed reports and online alerts

Access to the online Client panel with details and multi-level assessment of every single click in your campaigns.

Fraud behavior tracking on your site

Registry and online preview of user or machine/bot interactions on your landing page that is under our ad fraud protection.

  • trafficwatchdog dashboard screencapture
  • trafficwatchdog dashboard screencapture

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