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How to increase sales in e-shop without large expenses and high employee workload? Use the latest technology and expert knowledge.

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24.05.2024 r.

Shoper, SalesBot, AI

How to increase sales in e-shop without large expenses and high employee workload? Use the latest technology and expert knowledge.

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Nowadays, when consumers can easily buy from competitors, it is very difficult to retain customers, who are crucial to the success of the business. Many companies we work with are online stores that have to constantly compete with other e-shops for orders. That's why some time ago we developed our tool - Sales Bot, whose task is to convince undecided customers and Smart Shoppers to make a purchase. Now we are constantly improving this solution to meet the requirements of current consumers and online stores.

How does our Sales Bot AI work?

Sales Bot uses artificial intelligence and other advanced functionalities to recognize a user returning to a given website, and then checks whether he has made a purchase before in the past and what products he was interested in, all thanks to the data collected on the website, without tracking the user's activity when he leaves it.

Then our tool initiates a conversation by displaying a message to such a person - so the user must take another step to get more information, and of course he can ignore the message shown to him as well. During a chat conversation, our Sales Bot offers a discount code, freebie, free delivery or other benefit tailored to a given consumer profile (based on the history and analysis of the user's behavior, we assess his or her chances of making a purchase and continue the conversation based on a specific scenario created for this user groups). If the customer expresses interest, we will additionally show him the recently viewed products in the form of a carousel (or if he hasn't previously viewed any products or they are unavailable - bestsellers) with an appropriately reduced price. The task of the Sales Bot is to convince undecided customers and Smart Shoppers, who constitute up to 71% of all buyers, to make a purchase, but it is also possible to add an additional scenario for new users and expand our tool with other functionalities (such as gpt chat).

Other tools and functionalities that can increase sales in your online store.

Of course, there are many tools available on the market designed to increase sales in online stores. We have checked those available for Shoper-based stores - presented in the Shoper App Store, but we emphasize that this list was prepared based on the offers provided by individual companies - we haven't tested the solutions discussed below in practice:

  • Trustisto is a marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce that can be integrated via Shoper. Among the many functionalities from the point of view of increasing sales, the most important are: newsletters and automatic messages sent via e-mail, recovery of lost baskets (by sending personalized e-mails), appropriately targeted pop-ups, division of customers into specific groups and product recommendations. This is certainly a great tool, but it is worth noting that the vast majority of these functionalities are carried out using e-mails - so you first have to obtain them from such users, and the communication itself takes place after some time (the customer has already left the website). It is also a fact that not everyone checks their mailbox regularly and not everyone decides to open all of messages.
  • YouLead identifies customers with the greatest purchasing potential and starts personalized sales communication with them using email marketing automation. It is also possible to automatically or mass communicate with people who have left your store and show them a marketing message in the form of web push notifications - however, such action requires the user's consent, and the overuse of such messages may be perceived as too intrusive and negatively affect the UX.
  • Samba.ai automatically searches for additional accessories for already purchased products and analyzes customer orders (including calculations of consumption) and, on this basis, designs, creates and sends personalized e-mail campaigns tailored to the customer's interests and preferences. Additionally, the shipment itself takes place at a carefully selected moment - when the customer is most likely to make a purchase. However, again, it uses e-mail addresses, which must be obtained from users in advance.
  • QuarticOn is an artificial intelligence-based product recommendation engine shown in various forms: “Selected for you” on the home page and category page (created based on the user's interaction path on the store website), Cross-selling on the product page and in the cart, "Similar Products" on the product page and a recommendation frame displaying other similar products to the user, and if there are no search results, using a recommendation frame with the selected logic. The tool uses a mechanism similar to those we use in our Sales Bot - however, in addition to a personalized carousel with products, we also immediately show the benefit for the customer - a discount available for a given product. Additionally, QuarticOn shows product recommendations in designated places regardless of whether the user wants to receive information about them. We focus on a less invasive tool - it is the person who decides whether they want to receive the benefit and start a conversation with our Sales Bot - this option will be available throughout their stay on the website - just like in the case of other chats.
  • GO.PL Remarketing and MA - GO.PL is a platform for email remarketing (MAIL.GO) and display retargeting (RTB.GO). Thanks to tools proposed by GO.PL, you can send e-mails to users without using your own mailing database and display dynamic creations on millions of websites to users who have previously visited your e-store. However, it is worth taking into account that the ads are displayed to people who have already expressed interest in your brand, so its main task is to remind the user about it, and additionally, when using this type of tools, there is a risk that this form of promotion will seem quite invasive to your potential customers. You also don't have strict control over on which pages and where your message will be displayed. GO.PL also has functionalities such as similarGO, VideoGo and widgetGO (recommendation widgets enabling the matching of displayed products to the customer's shopping preferences). We can also present our Sales Bot in the form of a widget.
  • SmartsUpp offers e-shops a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that communicates with visitors, answers some of their questions and can direct them to appropriate products (this solution is available in the highest packages), live chat (allowing you to talk to potential customers in real time ) and LeadGen – a dedicated lead generation tool. SmartsUpp offers a free package with a limit of up to 50 calls per month (LiveChat) - by choosing it, however, you give up any support (e-mail support is only available in the first paid package). It is certainly a great tool for online stores with an extensive customer service department (LiveChat, handling acquired leads) - our solution on the other hand is maintenance-free, we don't set any limits, and our specialists are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Many interesting, innovative solutions for e-commerce are offered by SalesManago.

- Personal Shopping Inbox is your user's personal inbox to which you can send individual messages, offers, discounts or recommendations.

- Marketing Automation at SALESmanago is based on automation rules that allow you to immediately respond to customer behavior and create complete automated marketing processes, from the moment of obtaining contact to making a purchase.

- The use of Website Automation allows you to program the website so that it is possible to display 1-to-1 tailored content in real time for both anonymous and monitored contacts using popups and exit popups, displaying the Web Push consent form, opening the Live Chat window , changing the text in the chat bubble or executing any JavaScript on the website.

- Customer service can be improved thanks to the automated Live Chat with your consultant offered by SALESmanago (it requires your employee work as well) or a fully automated solution - SALESmanago Sales Bot, a module that allows you to create an automatic conversation (prepared based on various scenarios ) run via Facebook Messenger. This solution, like our Sales Bot, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but unlike our tool, its main task is customer service, not increasing sales. We can also prepare for you a gpt Chat Bot - if you are interested in such a solution, please contact us.

It is worth noting that SALESmanago directs its services mainly to medium and large businesses, as we read at their website: "Our AI-driven solutions have already been adopted by 2000+ mid-size businesses in 50 countries, as well as many well-known global brands (...)" so the question is will it also be an optimal (in terms of costs and operations) choice for smaller stores operating on more local markets.

Why is it worth choosing our AI Sales Bot?

  • 1. Completely Free Test - We allow you to test the tool completely free of charge for 2 weeks, so you don't have to decide on anything blindly - check and assess for yourself whether our Sales Bot AI increased sales in your online store. No subscription will be automatically activated, you don't have to terminate the service - the test doesn't involve any obligations. After completing the test, our specialist will discuss the results with you during a short online meeting and offer you a subscription tailored to the needs of your business.
  • 2. Specialist care from the very beginning and forever- Our specialists will support you from the moment you register in our system. You will receive both e-mail and telephone contact with a specific caregiver, and if necessary (e.g. in case of technical problems), other experts working with us will also help you. You can contact us anytime if you need support or have a question related to our service and we don't need 24 hours to respond (well, maybe apart from weekends :)). And before anything will be implemented on your website, we will send you demo versions and ask for acceptance.
  • 3. Attractive appearance and clear message - The product carousel is displayed in an eye-pleasing form and the price promotion is presented very clearly (normal price crossed out, discount percentage given), so the customer receives a transparent message.
  • 4. Low price, adjusted to the size of the store - With us, you can have the tool used by leading online stores in a subscription tailored to the size of your e-store (from PLN 200 net/month).
  • 5. Personalized offer displayed only to really interested users - Our Sales Bot AI will have a positive impact not only on sales in your e-store - it will also improve UX (user experience) and help create a good brand image. Why? Thanks to the fact that we don't use intrusive marketing techniques, the message will be displayed only to users who are actually interested in it and only on your website (we don't track the user after they leave the website), additionally, the presented offer will be perfectly tailored to a specific user, which will significantly improve their experience with your brand.
  • 6. There is no need for the user to provide data or express additional consents -Because we only collect information about behavior on the website, the user doesn't have to provide us with any information (such as an email address in the case of e-mail remarketing) or express additional consents (as in the case of web push notifications).
  • 7. We save abandoned shopping carts - One of the main reasons why we developed this solution was to save abandoned carts - we work here in two ways: Sales Bot can be activated already on the first visit, showing the user bestsellers and additionally convincing the user to make a purchase even before the user leaves the website, however, if the user returns to your e-store we will prepare a personalized promotional offer for him based on his current and previous visits.
  • 8. Saving marketing costs - In addition to generating additional sales, by using our tool you also save on marketing costs. Smart Shoppers are a group that passionately clicks online advertisements - by convincing such users to make a purchase, you don't generate additional paid clicks. It is also worth noting that because we operate only on your website, you don't incur any costs related to remarketing and display retargeting.
  • 9. Our Sales Bot AI can generate additional sales immediately after its launch - Because we can apply appropriate scenarios, we don't have to wait until our model learns how to operate in your online store - the Sales Bot is immediately ready for operation.
  • 10. No work required on your part! - We use advanced functionalities and artificial intelligence, but this doesn't involve any work on your part - we will configure the entire tool. You will receive access to our panel where you can easily see all the important statistics, but if you don't want to, you don't have to do anything - we will take care of everything from a to z.
  • 11. Sales Bot AI works in real time - Because our tool convinces users to make a purchase before they leave the website, it works immediately and your store starts earning more money faster!
  • 12. Adaptation to the your needs - Do you need a more advanced Sales Bot with gpt chat function? No problem! Contact us – we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

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